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Horse Hair Canvas

Horse Hair Canvas

Horse Hair Canvas is a sturdy woven interfacing with a course texture. It can be used for many projects, including reinforcement in menswear tailoring, suits, coats, jackets hat making, bag making and much more. 


Our online fabrics are sold in half metre and 1 metre lengths. Note that as standard practice all multiples of the same fabric will be cut as one continuous length.


 For example if you order:  1 x 1m  AND  1 x 0.5m of the same fabric you will receive a continuous uncut 1.5 metre length. 


A sample is 10cm x 20cm. 


Fabric Information

Colour: Multi 

Fabric Content: 37% Viscose / 32% Cotton / 10% Synthetic / 21% Horse hair 

Fabric Width: 80cm / 31 inches

Fabric Weight: Medium


Tags: Horsehair canvas, stabiliser  

    VAT Included

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