Wool Shop photo

The History of MASONS

MASONS is a family run business, that has been based in one of the oldest towns in England, Abingdon on Thames, since 1939.

Mrs Betty North was managing MASONS, based at 39 Stert Street in Abingdon, in 1939. It was owned by two elderly ladies and on the death of one of these ladies the other decided to sell up. Betty North purchased the business and a few years later (1950) brought her husband , Mr Edward North, into the running of the shop.

1960 the couple purchased a second shop in the town, this was 20 Bath Street. At this time, the business was selling knitting wool, haberdashery and general drapery (mainly clothing).

In 1973 Edward North became too ill to work and his son, John North, took over the running of the business alongside his mother Betty North.

1998 Betty passed away and John North became the sole owner of the business. John then decided to purchase a 3rd shop, 22 Bath Street, which conveniently is sited next to the 20 Bath Street shop.

In 2006 John North's son, Simon North, started working in the business. Now as General Manager he hopes that the latest arrival to the family, Edward (named after his Great Grandfather), will continue the business in the future.