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Cake Star Chocolate Bunny Mould

Cake Star Chocolate Bunny Mould

Create your very own chocolate Bunny with the Cake Star Bunny mould! Decorate or personalise your Bunny with writing icing for that extra special Easter Gift! This is a fun and simple project that you can do with kids!


Directions: Spread a thin layer of melted chocolate into the mould using the back of a spoon. Turn upside down and place in fridge on greaseproof paper for 5 minutes. Allow chocolate to set. Repeat until desired thickness is achieved. Once set firmly, the chocolate bunny will easily pop out of the mould. To stick both halves together, gently warm the edges of each half until melted and lightly press together. Allow to set.


Dimensions: 100 x 130mm. Mould size 365 x 221mm


Pack Contains 2 moulds on 1 mould sheet 

Culpitt Cake Star Product Code: 84869

Product Dimensions: 100 x 130mm. Mould size 365 x 221mm


Tags: Easter, bunny, rabbit, chocolate, mould, decorate

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