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Organ Sewing Machine Needles

Organ Sewing Machine Needles

This range of Organ Sewing Machine Needles allows you to choose the right needle for the job ensuring better sewing results. 


Organ needles are suitable for the majority of domestic sewing machines. 


Universal Neeles - Have a slight ball point and are suitable for most general sewing on woven and knit fabrics. 


Ball Point / Jersey Needles - Are specially designed for knit fabrics, jerseys and interlocks. The rounded tip of the needle separates the fibres when passing through the fabric rather than cutting them, this prevents laddering or running.


Jeans Needles - Have an extra-sharp point and strong shank, making them suitable for stitching denim or other heavy/densely woven fabrics. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. 


Leather Needles - With a wedge-shaped point to penetrate leather, imitation leather or other heavy non-woven fabrics. 


Needle sizes - 


  • 70/9 - Fine
  • 80/11 - Fine/Medium
  • 90/14 - Medium
  • 100/16 - Heavy
  • 110/18 - Very Heavy 
  • Assorted - Mix of sizes 



    VAT Included