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Prym Trouser Hook and Bar Silver

Prym Trouser Hook and Bar Silver

If you do not want to sew on a fastener, the non-sew trouser hooks for trousers and skirts are the ideal solution for you. The trouser hooks are available in a concealed or visible version. Attaching the visible variety is very simple with the creative hammer, the VARIO pliers or the tripod tool from Prym. The concealed version can be applied only with the attached tool and hammer - the packet contains instructions and the tool required.


The hooks and bars are Silver-coloured/Black Oxidised; the high quality workmanship ensures long useful life and precision in use. Of course, the trouser hooks are rust-proof and can be washed, dry-cleaned, ironed and mangled without problems. 13mm. 


Product code: 265 811

    VAT Included

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