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Trimits Fabric Glue 118ml

Trimits Fabric Glue 118ml

With a no-run formula this glue stays where its applied for minimal mess. It features a 2-way applicator to dot or spread, making it great for small or large surfaces. It dries clear, fast and strong. 118ml bottle. 


This glue bonds- fabric, paper, wood, polystyrene, foam, pottery and most other porous/semi-porous materials.


To use - Apply a thin layer of glue on one surface, carefully press surfaces together and leave to dry. For wood, ceramics etc, apply a heavier layer of glue and clamp together for best results. 


Use soap and water to remove dried glue. 

Always test before use. 

Safe and Non-Toxic. 

Product code: UG14

    VAT Included
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