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Prym Tubular Rivets

Prym Tubular Rivets

Prym’s rivets are available in various sizes, making them suitable for different material thicknesses. The differences are in the diameter of the head as well as in the length of the inner pin. The longer the pin, the thicker the material to be riveted may be, such as leather. In the package you will find the right tools next to the tubular rivets - so all you need is a hammer to work with the tubular rivets. They are made of stainless, silver-coloured brass and produce visually clean results for every application. 


3 Sizes:     Head = Pin Length 


Head 7.5mm /  Pin Length 3-4mm

Head 9mm /   Pin Length 4-6mm 

Head 9mm /  Pin Length 6-9mm


Product codes:  7.5mm/3-4mm -  403 150

                              9mm/4-6mm -  403 151

                              9mm/6-9mm - 403 152



    VAT Included

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