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Lengths - Wool & Viscose Mix Felt Fabric

Lengths - Wool & Viscose Mix Felt Fabric

Wool & Viscose Mix Felt Fabric Lenghts are ideal for many crafting and decor projects. Use it to make soft toys, costumes, applique, decorations and more. It does not fray when cut and is available in a large range of 60 colours. 


Our Wool & Viscose Mix Felt is an extra wide width of 180cm / 70 inches. 

We offer Full width or Half Width buying options, this means that you can buy the felt in 90cm or 180cm widths in size increments of 50cm or 100cm


Full Width - 180cm / 70 inches

Half Width - 90cm / 35 inches


The Width refers to measurement across the roll of fabric. 

The Size refers to the amount of this fabric you want in metres. 


 Note that as standard practice all multiples of the same width fabric will be cut as one continuous length.


 For example if you order:  1 x 1m  AND  1 x 0.5m of the same width fabric you will receive a continuous uncut 1.5 metre length.


Product Information

Felt Content: 30% wool, 70% viscose 

Felt Width: 90cm/35 inches (half width) OR 180cm/70 inches (full width)

Colour Range: 60 colours 


Our felts are also available in 9x9 inch & 12x12 inch Sqaures, to shop these follow the link below- 

Wool & Viscose Mix Felt Squaures:


If you are looking for Acrylic Felt, which is a cheaper and washable option, follow the links below-    

Acrylic Felt Fabric:


If you are looking for Thick Acrylic Felt, follow the link below-

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